Our goal is to transform medical education at both the medical school and residency levels through generative AI. We aim to enhance learning efficiency and ensure it directly benefits clinical practice.

Meet our leadership

  • Karambir Khangoora Profile Picture

    Karambir Khangoora


    Karambir Khangoora is an attending physician at Capital Health. He holds a Chemical Engineering degree from Princeton University and completed his medical degree at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, followed by an internal medicine residency at Mount Sinai. In his spare time, he enjoys programming, woodworking, and tennis.

    Email: karambir@medagogy.org

  • Patrick van Nieuwenhuizen Profile Picture

    Patrick van Nieuwenhuizen


    Patrick van Nieuwenhuizen is an attending physician at the San Francisco VA. He earned his Physics degree from Princeton University, pursued medical studies at Columbia University, and completed his internal medicine residency at UPenn. Previously, he was a product manager at Canvas Health and created medical physiology videos for Khan Academy during medical school.

    Email: patrick@medagogy.org