Ophthalmology Oral Boards

Practice for the oral boards by going through simulated cases with an examiner.

Cost: $20 - subject to usage*

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Ophthalmology Oral Boards Screenshot

Course Content

Go through over 50 simulated oral boards cases

Learning Objectives

  • Practice your ophtalmology oral boards responses with simulated oral exams

Intended Learners

  • Ophthalmology residents, fellows and attendings preparing for oral boards

Diagnoses include:

  • HSV
  • Pigment Dispersion Syndrome / Glaucoma

*The course utilizes AI technology for interactive and personalized learning experiences, representing a significant portion of the operational costs. Your initial purchase includes a set number of usage credits (tokens) that we estimate will allow you to complete all course activities at least once under normal usage. Once these credits are consumed, additional credits will need to be purchased to continue accessing the interactive AI features of the course.